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Homeless People Respond to New "NYC Safe" Mental Health Initiative



"They say gentrify, we say beautify" - Homeless People are Beautifying the Neighborhood

This afternoon, members of Picture the Homeless joined with community partners like the New Harlem East Merchants Association to plant flowers on 125th Street as part of a neighborhood beautification project. The full set of photos is here!!

"I'm here because Picture the Homeless doesn't just talk about improving our communities, we actually do something about it," said Stanley Stevenson.

Why We Need the Right to Know Act: Three Stories from Homeless New Yorkers

Living on the streets, homeless people are constantly the targets of illegal police activity. As we prepare to fight for the Right to Know Act, here are three stories from our members about the disparate impact caused on homeless people - and how City Council Intros 182A and 541 would change things.

Member Perspective: A Legal and Constitutional Angle to Repeal the Urstadt Law?

Guest post by Dave Subren, member of Picture the Homeless

WE WIN A HUGE VICTORY for Homeless People Stuck in Horrific Shelter Conditions!

Last week, we supported homeless people stuck in conditions so bad that a report from the Department of Investigation called the building “unacceptable… filthy, badly maintained and with garbage in the common areas.” We held a rambunctious protest at the site, and then marched to the offices of the agency that operates the shelter units.

This week? The open violations in the building have gone from 125 to 80!!

Next Friday: Birthday Barbeque for Jean Rice and Lynn Lewis

Everybody in the Picture the Homeless community knows Jean Rice and Lynn Lewis. Many have called them the heart and soul of our organization. Together, they’ve made a formidable team dedicated to protecting the civil rights of homeless people, and creating a housing system that works for everybody.

ACTION REPORT: Shelter Residents Are Fighting Back!

Like tens of thousands of shelter residents, the homeless people living at 976 Tinton are stuck in a terrible situation - living conditions so bad that a report from the Department of Investigation called it “unacceptable… filthy, badly maintained and with garbage in the common areas.”

PROTEST TODAY: Bronx Homeless Shelter Residents Protest Dangerous Conditions!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Homeless People Protest Dangerous Conditions, Demand Housing

Rally outside facility with 125 open code violations; march to office of shelter agency Aguila Inc

Schedule of FREE CLASSES in our Homeless Organizing Academy - June 2015 Edition!

Happy to unveil the June line-up for our Homeless Organizing Academy's Political Education Classes!!

These are free for all currently and formerly homeless people, and they're intended to help people experiencing homelessness develop the skills and experience they need to become effective agents of social change. They're every Tuesday night, 5-7PM, in our office:

104 East 126th Street #1B [Storefront], New York NY 10035  *  4/5/6 train to 125th Street / M60-M100-M101-M35-Bx15 Bus to 125th/Lexington

#HomelessOpenHouse: Come Celebrate the New Home of Picture the Homeless!

Now that we’re set up in our beautiful new space, we’re excited to share it with our friends. Please join us in celebrating our new office. You’ll connect with Picture the Homeless’ vibrant community of members and supporters. While you’re at it, enjoy home-cooked food, tour the nation’s first library created and curated by homeless people, and relax on our gorgeous patio. Plus you’ll learn more about our exciting plans for 2015—and how you can get involved.

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