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October 29 Harlem Walking Tour of Vacant Property - WHY?

“Connecting the dots”

By Jean Rice

As a member of Picture the Homeless, I have grappled with the root causes of the disproportionate number of people from my community who wind up homeless in New York City. For generations past New York City has been a global example for the assimilation and upward mobility. Then came the era of plan shrinkage and benign neglect, at the very same time New York City’s labor market underwent drastic transformation. Thousand of semi-skilled manufacturing jobs were outsourced as New York City became service jobs oriented.

 Subsequently: Quoting the current City comptroller John C Liu, “Let’s look at the numbers; the federal government says that your rent is unaffordable if it is more than 30 percent of your income. In New York City, that now applies to almost half of all renters, up from a decade ago when 41 percent of New Yorkers paid unaffordable rent.” Currently nearly one in every three New Yorkers spends at least one half of their incomes on rent. The neo-liberal so called invisible hand is working to the detriment of entire communities within New York City, as they become more and more destabilized and homeless.

As incomes remain stagnant and rents continue to soar, it becomes abundantly clear that a new and workable paradigm needs to be put in place for the common good. It is integral to the life stream of our communities that the underrepresented be involved in the development of alternative solutions

Community Control would replace market speculation and New York City would be returned to its rightful place where hard working New Yorkers can evolve upward through the current socio-economic maze where they can stabilize their respective communities and make positive contributions to the social economic and political elements of New York City. True to its current credo as a melting pot where out of many emerges one productive citizenry. Stabilized communities for the least amongst us must become a major priority for the City!

Join Picture the Homeless on a tour of Vacant Properties in Harlem identifying potential community resources that could be used to create real long term affordable housing! Following the tour will be a town hall meeting to discuss the issues of affordable housing in New York City and the need for community input in the development of these properties.

Monday October 29th

Tour Starting on

123rd  Street and Adam Clayton Powell at 4:30pm




Town Hall Meeting at Salem United Methodist Church at 6:00pm

2190 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard
at 129th Street
New York, NY


Space is limited; please contact Adrian Antonio Paling to RSVP at adrian@picturethehomeless.orgor call at 646-314-6423


City Property is Community Property!