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PTH is HIRING! Seeking an Unstoppable Lead Organizer

Picture the Homeless is looking to hire a Lead Organizer! We've made some incredible progress in the past few years, but we really need to step up our game. And we need an experienced organizer to get us there. If that's you - or someone you know - read on...

Job description

The Lead Organizer's responsibilities will include:

Mayor de Blasio's Housing Plan Contains Major Victories for Homeless Organizing!!

Yesterday, Mayor Bill de Blasio released his administration's comprehensive "Housing New York: A Five Borough, Ten-Year Plan."

One of the central pieces, included in the executive summary, happens to be a key demand of Picture the Homeless's housing campaign: "We will perform a comprehensive survey of all vacant sites in the City."

Why We Went to Albany!

by Jean Rice - Member, Picture the Homeless Board of Directors.


Talking Trusts: East Harlem Residents Forum on Community Land Trusts

Last week, dozens of East Harlem tenants and residents and shareholders gathered at Taino Towers to figure out how they were going to save their homes - and their community.

They came together to see if community land trusts might be the solution.

Department of Justice: Investigate Ramarley Graham's Murder by the NYPD

This morning, homeless folks joined allies in the movement for police reform at New York City's Federal Courthouse, as well as state and city elected officials & advocates, calling on the Department of Justice to fully investigate and bring charges

Criminalizing Homelessness Kills.

It's been a hundred days since William Bratton came back to New York as commissioner of the NYPD, appointed by Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Homeless People Need a Municipal ID!!

Picture the Homeless was excited to join Council Members and allies in a massive rally on the steps of City Hall today, support the creation of a "Municipal ID" program that would help homeless people, undocumented immigrants, young people, and many other communities who have to deal with a whole lot of unnecessary stress and drama because they don't have a government-issued photo ID.

Ask a Homeless Person: What lessons should New York City learn from the death of Jerome Murdough?

Last month a homeless veteran died in a cell on Rikers Island, "baked to death," according to prison officials speaking on condition of anonymity.

"People's Eyes Are Open" - Announcing our Homeless Outreach Team!

When we learned that William Bratton would be returning to New York City as our police commissioner, we knew tough times were ahead for homeless people.

PTH IS HIRING! Seeking an Experienced Senior Organizer

Picture the Homeless is hiring! If you or someone you know is (a) an excellent experienced community organizer and (b) unemployed or unhappily employed, please consider applying! We're especially eager for resumes from organizers with personal experience of homelessness...


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