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The City wants to purge the homeless from subways!! Homeless people respond.

DNAInfo is reporting that at 3AM on Monday, the City will start purging sleeping homeless people from the subways, stopping trains at two stations to force people off and into a shelter or a hospital. But the NYPD will be on hand, presumably to arrest people who refuse to go.
We're not about to let this happen without a fight.

Toxic Vapor at Delta Manor Shelter

Picture the Homeless received this alert from a shelter resident, alleging hazardous conditions in their facility. Please note that PTH doesn't have the capacity to investigate reports like this, but since our mission is to give homeless folks the tools to expose the injustices that they face, including violations of their rights and unsafe conditions in shelter, we're proud to provide this platform for sharing allegations  and evidence of misconduct.


Help Homeless People Send Cuomo a Blue Valentine!

This Friday, February 14th, at noon, homeless New Yorkers will deliver an empty valentine to Governor Andrew Cuomo to illustrate his catastrophic failure in leadership to create a permanent rental subsidy for the homeless.

VICTORY FOR HOMELESS PEOPLE: De Blasio announces "Municipal ID" Program for Immigrants and other Vulnerable Communities!

Picture the Homeless is grateful to our many allies who worked hard on this incredible step forward, which will benefit all homeless folks!!




A Solidarity Valentine to Hungarian Homeless People

In response to a call for global solidarity actions from our homeless brothers and sisters in Budapest, Picture the Homeless and our friends and allies will visit the Consulate General of Hungary to deliver the message that the world is watching!

Book Review - City of Disorder: How the Quality of Life Campaign Transformed New York Politics

PTH board member William S. Burnett wrote this review of Alex S. Vitale's City of Disorder on his blog. As it's relevant to our work we're reprinting it here, but please note that the author's perspectives do not necessarily represent those of Picture the Homeless.


Ask a Homeless Person: What do people who use major transit hubs need to know about how the cops treat homeless people?

Lately, our members have been reporting an uptick in incidents of selective enforcement against homeless people in major transit hubs like Grand Central Terminal (which we've protested in the past for their anti-homeless actions). Tens of thousands of commuters walk by this every day, and never notice it, or know what's really going on.

Ask a Homeless Person: What Would a REAL Rental Subsidy Look Like?

Last week, we asked members of our Housing Campaign what a real rental subsidy might look like. Since Mayor Bloomberg systematically destroyed every single subsidy and support to help homeless people get out of shelter and off the street, homeless people are hopeful that the new administration will recognize what we've been saying for a decade and a half - that homeless people need housing, not shelters! 

Here's some of what our members had to say, about what a real rental subsidy should look like.

Ask a Homeless Person: What do you think about the "Broken Windows" theory of policing?

This week, we asked members of our Civil Rights Committee what they thought of the "Broken Windows" theory of policing. Here's what some of them had to say:

It is a subversion of Terry v. Ohio and extends police power beyond "reasonable suspicion and probable cause." - Jean Rice

JOB ANNOUNCEMENT: Housing & Community Development Organizer


Picture the Homeless

Job title:            Housing and Community Development Organizer

Term:             Full-time with at least a 1-year commitment

Salary:             commensurate with experience

Application deadline:    Open until filled

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