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PTH Member Statement of Solidarity in Support of C.U.N.Y. Students

November 15th, 2013


Even Ray Charles and Jose Feliciano would be able to see that as the demographics of our City University have changed, the thought of a student “rainbow coalition” has the New York City status quo shaking in their collective boots.

There are monuments to American slave-owners all over our city – yet our students are admonished not to choose their own sheroes and heroes. – Why?

The right to peacefully assemble and the right to dissent are being challenged.

SAVE THE DATE: Homeless Memorial Service, December 20th 2013

December 21st is the longest night of the year.

And it's on this night, when the cold and the darkness seem most overwhelming, that communities across the United States come together to honor the lives of homeless men and women who passed away this year, and to draw attention to the fact that many homeless lives are cut short because we, as a society, can't find a way to end homelessness.

"Killed at the Whim of the Police" - Remarks by PTH member Ryan Gibbs at the October 22nd March against Police Brutality

Good Evening, my name is Ryan Gibbs. I am the chairman of the Board of Directors of Picture the Homeless.

Honoring Sophia Dawson at #DanceGiving

If you haven't bought your ticket, DO IT NOW!

Community Land Trusts are a Huge Success at Talking Transition - AND BEYOND.

Maybe we're just a little giddy about the impending regime change here at home, but Picture the Homeless has been so excited to be part of the conversations taking place in the Talking Transition tent down on Canal Street at 6th Avenue.

Bronx Community Dinner & Discussion: what do the Community Safety Act and the Floyd Stop & Frisk ruling really mean for us?

WED 11/13, 6pm - Bronx Community Safety Dinner. 

A presentation and discussion on what the Community Safety Act and the Floyd Stop and Frisk ruling really mean for Bronx residents. Program will include performances and films.

Talking Transition: Housing, Homelessness, and Policing Beyond the Bloomberg Era

After twelve years, the Bloomberg Era is coming to an end. And while many progressives think Mayor Mike did some good things for the city, when it comes to housing & homelessness & policing his reign has been an unmitigated disaster. Housing costs have skyrocketed - and, as a direct result, so has homelessness. We're now spending nearly a billion dollars a year on a broken and exploitative shelter-industrial complex (nearly doubling, from $514M the year Bloomberg took office).

Wednesday: Emergency Rally at City Hall. Tell Bloomberg to #DroptheAppeal

In the twelve years that Bloomberg's been mayor, Picture the Homeless has probably made hundreds of trips to the steps of City Hall to raise hell and demand change. 

And even though New Yorkers are heading to the polls to hire his replacement this week, there's still plenty to be mad at Bloomberg about.

Last week, the 2nd Circuit Court granted the Bloomberg Administration’s request for a stay on stop-and-frisk reforms mandated by federal Judge Shira Scheindlin this August, and removed her from the case.

Solidarity with South Africa: Jean Rice's Speech from Riverside Church "Dear Mandela" Screening & Panel Discussion


I am here today, because since the historic transition to a participatory democracy based upon the concept of one person one vote which was declared in South Africa in 1994, my Abhalali brothers and sisters are still being treated as second class citizens and in far too many cases being hunted as if they were targets of a "Fugitive Slave Act."

Website for the New York City Community Land Initiative is NOW LIVE



We're excited to announce that we've launched a website for the New York City Community Land Initiative!

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