Homeless People Tell the Federal Government: KEEP YOUR PROMISE!

The federal government is breaking the law. They're sitting on over $380 million that SHOULD HAVE BEEN SPENT ON HOUSING.

So Picture the Homeless - along with our partners all over the country - are DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

This Tuesday, July 9th, at 2pm, we hope you'll join us for a rally and press conference outside Grand Central Terminal announcing THE SUPER AWESOME SECRET NEXT STEP in our fight to get the government to honor its word and fund housing!!!!

GOLIATH IS BLEEDING: Bloomberg finally loses a fight.

Finally, Bloomberg has lost a fight.

The passage of the Community Safety Act marks one of the biggest losses Bloomberg has suffered in three ill-gotten terms as Mayor - and it came on the same day as the Council voted to override Bloomberg's veto of Paid Sick Leave, another major fight he just lost.

And this once-unassailable Mayor simply does not know how to handle defeat. And now the media is finally calling him on it.

We fight hard, but we party harder.

We did it: we passed both CSA bills with veto-proof majorities! POLICE REFORM HAS FINALLY COME TO NYC. 

Homeless Organizing Academy Graduation - thoughts and pictures!

On Friday, June 28th, our Homeless Organizing Academy held a beautiful and moving graduation ceremony.

"It meant a lot," said graduating Academy student and PTH member Pedro Cabrera. "All the instructors had something powerful and personal to say about their students, and everybody got emotional. A lot of times, people don't feel comfortable showing their emotions, but this graduation ceremony brought it out."

September 18th: The Dedication of the Jean Rice Liberation Reference Library! SAVE THE DATE

Dear Friends and Allies -

Please save the date: Wednesday, September 18th, at 7pm, for the dedication of the Jean Rice Liberation Reference Library!

FIRST VIDEO from the brand-new PTH VIDEO CREW!!

It's alive! Our first product, a short profile of PTH member Pedro Cabrera, is up live on our YouTube channel!

Police Reform is Only a Day Away.

Yesterday, we did something no one thought could be done.

"I'm tired of being a bull's-eye." JOIN US MONDAY to stop NYPD PROFILING.

"The NYPD has been on a warpath," said one PTH member. "And we're the main targets. I'm tired of being a bulls-eye.”

JUNE UPDATE on NYC Community Land Trust Work

In April, over 80 concerned New Yorkers came together for our New York City Community Land Trust Summit<

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