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RYAN HICKEY is the Housing Organizer at Picture the Homeless. A recent Masters graduate, he was recently accepted into a New School PhD program. Instead, he has chosen to pursue an organizing career with the hopes of helping build a radical grassroots housing campaign. Although much of his background is in organizing students, he has worked as a community organizer on many campaigns, including a living wage campaign with supermarket cleaners, and as an organizer for a report on the Tottenham Riots. There he further developed his understanding of how the police uphold racism and state power within society. Most recently, he worked as a researcher and campaigner on a campaign calling for the statutroy regulation opf private military and security companies.

HILDA MARSHALL is the new Office Manager for PTH and brings with her over 10-yrs of administrative experience. She is here to coordinate and oversee the day-to-day operations for the staff and members. Prior to joining the PTH, Hilda worked for St. Paul's Center of N.Y for 4 1/2 yrs. As the OM she coordinated the day-to-day operations and served as a liaison between staff, shelters, clients and potential clients to ensure that the individuals who could not afford mental health services, received free quality care. Hilda obtained a Bachelors Degree in Public Health from Monroe College in 2010 and is currently working on completing her MBA. Outside of PTH she spends her time helping the homeless, either by providing meals and clothing.

LYNN LEWIS has worked with Picture the Homeless since its founding, and has been the Executive Director since 2003. Lynn is the past Civil Rights organizer at Picture the Homeless and has worked extensively on police violence and abuse of homeless folks with a particular focus on the selective enforcement of Quality of Life ordinances by the NYPD and nationally.  She is on the steering committee of Communities united for Police Reform.  Lynn has worked in the social justice movement for over 30 years in a range of capacities in organizations and initiatives led by poor people. Her other burning interests are in the areas of land reform in the U.S. and internationally and the (mis) use of domestic and international funding for community development that actually serves the interests of maintaining economic elites in power. 

SAM J. MILLER handles Communications and Policy work at Picture the Homeless. He's been at PTH for nine years, first as Housing Organizer and later as Lead Organizer. His proudest PTH moments include getting arrested in a midnight protest in Central Park, and coordinating the writing of a major report that was required reading in urban planning courses at Columbia University—and was banned in New York State prisons. He's also a writer, and the co-editor of Horror After 9/11,a critical anthology published by the University of Texas Press.

SHAUN LIN is the Civil Rights Organizer at Picture The Homeless, where he coordinates the Civil Rights Committee as well as participation in Communities united for Police Reform (CPR). Shaun sees homelessness as inseparable from the historical development of racism and capitalism. And the need to fight for homeless rights as necessary to creating a more free and just world for everyone. In his work at PTH, Shaun believes homeless men and women are the experts on issues of homelessness and should serve as their own advocates and organizers. Over time, Shaun hopes to challenge PTH membership to see themselves historically - to frame their personal experiences in a historical context and to see themselves as the shapers of tomorrow's history.


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