Revolving door of the NYC shelter system

Kafka-esque revolving door of the NYC shelter system

PTH member Scott Andrew Hutchins has written a brilliant expose of his three years inside the shelter-industrial complex, in this phenomenal article on “Trapped in the Kafka-esque Revolving Door of the NYC Shelter System.”

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Some of the disturbing highlights:

I am closing in on 3,000 job applications in the 35 months that I have been homeless.

Food poisoning is rampant in the shelter system; I seemed to get sick from every meal. My case manager called it a “weak stomach.” I developed gout and hypertension.

The Bowery Mission, a Manhattan-based Christian homeless shelter, has a newsletter called “Red Door”, which each month highlights a homeless person that they have saved from the throes of addiction to drugs or alcohol. Not afflicted with such a malady, I will never fit into their narrative of what a homeless person looks like, nor will I accept the narrative that I am responsible for my plight when the structural problems of the system are so readily apparent, a revolving door through which I never want to return.