Join us for our homeless memorial service!

Dear Friends,

December 21st is the Winter Solstice, and the longest night of the year. It’s on this night, when the cold and the darkness seem most overwhelming, that communities across the United States come together to honor the lives of homeless men and women who passed away this year, and to draw attention to the fact that many homeless lives are cut short because we, as a society, can’t find a way to end homelessness.

Picture the Homeless has held a memorial on this date every year since its founding. It’s a powerful, deeply moving event, and we encourage all friends and allies to come join us! Check out this phenomenal Gothamist article about our memorial service!

Our theme this year is “We Have A Voice.”

“We have a voice,” said PTH member Arvernetta Henry. “You have a voice. Are you using it? We have the power. It’s within you. Until we stand up and say we don’t want shelter, we don’t want police harassment, we’ll still have to deal with these problems.”

“There’s no need for sorrow,” said PTH member Marcus Moore. “We shouldn’t feel sad about these people who have passed on. We should feel joy – the joy of knowing that they’re no longer suffering in this unjust world of cruel realities like homelessness.”

No matter how cold and dark it is now, there is light in the dark and reason to hope that the future will be brighter. So we’ll celebrate the loved ones we’ve lost, and we’ll resolve to fight harder and lose less of them next year.

Monday, December 21st at 6 p.m.

Judson Memorial Church

55 Washington Square South (SW corner of Washington Sq Park)

For more information, call Sam: 646-314-6423, or email [email protected]