Homeless people are taking legal action against the NYPD. We need you.

This holiday season, homeless people living on the street will take a crucial first step in pursuing legal action against the campaign of aggressive, unconstitutional behavior targeting people without homes by de Blasio’s NYPD.

Will you stand with us?

Join us on Monday, December 21st, at 11:45AM, at Foley Square in lower Manhattan. Look for the big bright blue PTH banner!

DeBlasioTimeWhile New Yorkers shop for holiday gifts, homeless people will stand together against city’s unlawful taking and destruction of their belongings. Homeless New Yorkers deserve equal protections to have their rights respected, but the city’s NYPD-led sweeps of homeless people on the streets not only are characteristic of the Grinch, but violate our fundamental rights. We (plaintiffs) are planning to sue the city and NYPD for taking and destroying our personal belongings – identifications, pictures, etc. We’re calling attention to these violations that have unlawfully and permanently taken away our possessions.

Questions? Email Civil Rights Organizer Nikita Price.

We are targeted for police action although we are not violating the law. Being homeless is not a crime and we shouldn’t be targeted for it or have our rights violated because we are homeless. We want this type of treatment to end and are taking legal action against it, and hope Mayor de Blasio will agree that this type of treatment should end.

Here’s why we’re rallying.

  • The NYPD’s aggressive treatment of homeless New Yorkers has violated the law in taking and destroying our property
  • This is one of many examples of how policing/enforcement-led approaches to the homeless are inhumane, wrong and unlawful
  • Sending police and sanitation workers to take and destroy the possessions of the homeless is not progressive
  • Homeless people are being targeted for law enforcement action although they are not violating the law
  • The de Blasio administration has been called on to end these cruel actions, but its inaction has left us to seek legal action as recourse
  • We are homeless for the holidays; we need permanent, truly affordable housing, and not to have our things taken from us and thrown away