THIS MONTH: City Council Hearing for the Housing Not Warehousing Act!

IMG_1579We’re so excited to reveal that on September 15th, the Housing & Buildings Committee of the New York City Council will hold a hearing on the Housing Not Warehousing Act, the landmark set of bills that homeless people helped write, to empower the city to finally get a real count of vacant buildings and lots.

WE NEED TO PACK THE HOUSE! All our friends and members need to show up and voice their support for this important package of bills.

Combined, these bills would be some of the strongest anti-warehousing legislation this city has ever seen. They are a crucial step to mitigate and solve the housing crisis and unparalleled level of homelessness in New York City.

“The city and landlords have been holding these properties for decades,” said PTH member Charmel Lucas. “This bill is a first step to putting families in permanent extremely low income housing.”

We’ll have a press conference on the steps of City Hall at 9AM, followed by the hearing itself at 10AM. Click for full details!

“We need to know what’s actually vacant, so we can stop landlords from warehousing units, trying to make more money,” said PTH member Arvernetta Henry. “If you have an empty apartment, there’s a family that needs it. Meanwhile the city’s wasting money, keeping those same families in shelter. The Housing Not Warehousing Act needs to be passed. There is too much at stake. Senior citizens aren’t getting any younger. Are they waiting for us to die off? There’ll just be more of us.”