How they helped pass the Housing Not Warehousing Act

At last week’s legislative victory party, we asked our members and allies and friends and family and donors:

What did you do to help pass the Housing Not Warehousing Act?

Here are some of the highlights of what they said:

> I got arrested

> I slept in the cold, rain, and all that Mother Nature gave

> I counted vacant buildings and lots when the city refused to do so

> I recruited organizations to endorse

> I wrote op-eds and articles

> I tweeted a lot

> I chanted til I couldn’t chant no more

> I lost my voice

> I did whatever was asked of me

> I engaged in strategic devilry.

> I provided material support to members & leaders & organizers

> I did data entry

> I danced my butt off at Picture the Homeless fundraiser parties

> I made calls to mobilize people to attend events

> I did research for projects

> I was part of Bloombergville, the inspiration for Occupy Wall Street

> I contacted my City Council Members

> I shared information with friends and neighbors so THEY contacted THEIR Council Members

> I went to City Council meetings

> I lobbied Council members

> I went to press conferences

> I met with ally organizations to educate them about the bill and get their support

> I showed up

> I helped wherever help was needed

> I took pictures at protests

> I popped some locks

> I participated in building takeovers

> I met with and learned from homesteaders in NYC and beyond

> I trained other homeless people in how to fight for their rights

> I educated myself about the legislative process

> I carried signs at protests and marches

> I spoke at rallies

> I did online research into property ownership

> I protested big banks like Chase that owned vacant property

> I disrupted speeches by politicians blocking our bill

> I brought City Council members to a halt with a series of targeted disruptions

> I handed out flyers at soup kitchens

> I traveled across the country to learn from other successful efforts

> I collaborated with Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer to count every single vacant building and lot in the borough

> I spoke to college classes to mobilize volunteers

> I testified at City Council hearings

> I made a million phone calls

> I put pressure on the people whose job it was to pass this bill

> I sat for SIX HOURS in a City Council meeting to support this legislation when it came to a vote

> I went to City Hall A LOT

> I met with individual Council Members

> I participated in PTH visioning sessions for vacant spaces