Last week we got #HousingNotWarehousing trending. Now let’s keep making noise…

Dear Friends and Family of Picture the Homeless,

Thank you to everyone who participated in last week’s Twitter rally in support of the Housing Not Warehousing Act! We got the hashtag trending – no small feat when we’re talking about municipal legislation aimed at alleviating homelessness!

As promised, we’re holding a second Twitter rally TOMORROW, at 11AM. Can you help us?

Our members have worked hard for almost a decade and a half to shine a light on property warehousing, and we’re ecstatic to see so many people joining in the struggle. With the sponsors of our Housing Not Warehousing Act committed to pass these City Council bills by the end of the year, and the Mayor voicing his support for the issue at a recent town hall meeting! [click for video], this is the moment to really hammer the point home.

Tweet as many times as you’re able, using either our sample tweets or your own awesome perspectives.

Sample tweets and graphics and other materials are below.

See you on Twitter on Thursday, November 16th, at 11AM!! And thanks – your support means so much to us.


TWEET AT: @BilldeBlasio @NYCMayor @NYCHousing @MTorresSpringer

AND BILL SPONSORS: @TishJames @JumaaneWilliams @ydanis

WITH THESE HASHTAGS: #HousingNotWarehousing #NoVacancy #housing #PassHNWAct


It’s not every day that legislation aimed at alleviating homelessness starts trending on Twitter!! People want #HousingNotWarehousing @BilldeBlasio @NYCHousing @MTorresSpringer <Insert HNW_Trending graphic>

Thank you @TishJames, @ydanis & @JumaaneWilliams for committing to pass the #HousingNotWarehousing Act by 11/30!!

“We do not want to see buildings warehoused at all” -@BilldeBlasio Thank u! Looking forward to #HousingNotWarehousing passing by 11/30!!

Thanks @BilldeBlasio @NYCHousing @MTorresSpringer for helping fight vacant property. Passing the #HousingNotWarehousing Act by 11/30 is how we win.

We don’t know how much vacant property is in NYC. The #HousingNotWarehousing Act would change all that.

Vacancy hurts everyone. That’s why NYC needs the #HousingNotWarehousingAct <Insert Vacancy Hurts Everyone graphic>

Why does @ydanis support the #HousingNotWarehousing Act? <Insert Ydanis Rodriguez Quote graphic>

Why does @JumaaneWilliams support the #HousingNotWarehousing Act? <Insert Jumaane Williams Quote graphic>

Why does @TishJames support the #HousingNotWarehousing Act? <Insert Letitia James Quote graphic>

New York City needs HOUSING, not warehousing. Pass the #HousingNotWarehousing Act

With 60k+ in shelter, every vacant building/lot counts, @BilldeBlasio @NYCHousing @MTorresSpringer. Help us count them. Pass #HousingNotWarehousing Act by 11/30.

Click on the following images to download hi-res versions, for use in the Twitter rally!