PTH Director Mo George is One of the #Brooklyn100!

Photo by Daniel Dorsa, from:

Brooklyn Magazine has released their annual #Brooklyn100, a round-up of the most important and exciting cultural influencers in the borough… and we’re so proud and excited to see our fantastic new Executive Director, Monique “Mo” George, on the list!!!

They did a great interview with Mo, and here’s a little taste:

“I work with an amazing group of currently and formerly homeless New Yorkers who have joined together to raise their collective voices to create social change around the laws and policies that criminalize homeless people. They do this while also fighting to force the city to develop more affordable housing for extremely-low-income New Yorkers. What’s at stake is the heart of this city, and the question – whose city is this? As rents continue to skyrocket and politicians fail to address mass displacement, all of which disproportionately impacts communities of color, the numbers of people experiencing homelessness will continue to grow. All New Yorkers are impacted by the housing crisis, and all New Yorkers, homeless and housed, have to work together to decide whether this will be a city that’s just for the very rich.”

Read the whole article, and then check out the rest of the list!